We all have passions, careers, and thoughts that seem ordinary to us, but offer extraordinary insight to others. At Blue Carpet, we want to connect you to people who want to hear your story and reward you for it!

What Topics Can I Write About?

Long story short, anything.

In the Blue Carpet app there are no limitations on what subjects can be discussed. Whether you’re a chef in New York or Los Angeles, chances are that your experience can help someone cook a flambe at home. Have the perfect wine recommendation for a particular food pairing? Tell us about it!

Share your travel adventures with others looking for opinions on where they should take their next vacation. Your thoughts on public transportation, local food, hotels, and attractions matter to someone else. Answers can provide information on broad topics such as a country or could be as refined to thoughts on a local restaurant. The best part is that Blue Carpet allows users to search for specific topics so they can find exactly what they are looking for.
Even if you’re advice or experience isn’t related to a specialized profession, there is always room for you on the Blue Carpet! It is our belief that experience speaks for itself. For example, let’s say that you are a stay at home mother who developed the perfect way to integrate play time with education for your little ones. We want you to bring that knowledge and experience to the Blue Carpet community. Did we mention that you get rewarded for doing so?

How Do I Get Paid?

On the Blue Carpet there are two types of formats where users can ask / answer questions. First, there are general question and answer threads that the entire community can see and participate in. The second type are private questions or conversations that happen between yourself and people that have sought out your advice based on your life experience.

If someone wants to ask you a private question, they will need to purchase credits in order to ask it. Once the question is answered by you, the credits are then transferred to your account where you can redeem them to your bank account at any time. When a question is answered, the person who received it can determine if they would like to keep it for themselves or share it with the public.

If I'm Looking For Answers, Why Not Just Search The Internet?

Sure, if you’re someone looking for answers to questions, you could probably find them after scouring the internet. Why settle for generic responses that only answer part of your question? Blue Carpet directly connects you to someone who has experience on any topic imaginable.
This approach gives a chance for both parties to have an actual dialogue on the subject. It also gives the opportunity for the expert to ask a follow-up question in order to give the best answer possible.